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COVID-19 - Spa ama's Standards & Safe Practices

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

  • Lost a sense of smell or taste

  • Have a temperature of 38º or above

  • Have a new and continuous cough

  • Clients by appointments only

  • When entering, don't shake hands

  • Clients may be asked to wear a mask which will be provided at their first appointment

  • Please only bring essential items to your appointment and place any personal belongings in the designated area

  • Nail files will only be used on 1 client (other tools will be disinfected between clients)

  • All work areas will be disinfected

  • I will wear a visa and gloves

  • Once all the cleaning is complete, PPE will either be disposed or disinfected in safe manor then ready for the next lovely client

  • Appointments will be kept to allocated times

  • Times will be allocated between appointments to clean and ventilate the salon

  • Client contact information will be updated for test and trace purposes

  • After treatment, if possible please pay using contactless payment or the exact amount in cash

Finally, Thank You so much for reading and your continued support. I can't wait to see you...

Amanda X

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